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MedicaOutlet   is proud to provide our customers with authentic products to ensure optimal results. We carry an array of different product varieties including Botox 100IU, Radiesse, Perlane, Restylane and the newest addition, Sculptra. The Juvederm Ultra line provides individually wrapped syringes which depict the most commonly used dosage amounts in medical offices for enhancements as well as to alleviate symptoms of certain medical conditions. This is something that over the years, our customers have ranted and raved about, stating that this provides additional convenience as they are able to store more inventories at room temperature rather than clutter the refrigerated area.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, MedicalOutlet leads the competition. Whether you are looking to buy cosmetic fillers in bulk at wholesale prices or spread your orders over a scheduled shipping period, our trained staff is ready to assist you. Our customer service representatives work diligently to provide the best insight possible in helping you to decide which products can be more beneficial to your patients, needs and procedures.

Only Purchase Authentic Botox Manufactured By Allergan


Most physicians are aware of at least a few horror stories about people who are not in the medical profession purchasing inauthentic Botox and injecting themselves with less than desirable consequences. However, what is not talked about as much are the scenarios in which individuals with a medical license fall prey to buying fake cosmetic enhancement products!


There are two main ways doctors are being tricked into buying subpar Botox and fillers. Firstly, physicians may purchase a generic botulinum toxin based product. Oftentimes there is a misconception that buying generic brands will give a person the same effects but with a different (and slightly cheaper) packaging. There is a precedent for thinking this way. After all, generic brands at grocery or clothing stores are usually comparable in taste and quality. However, this is not the case with cosmetic enhancement products. Generic brands of botulinum toxin do not go through the same rigorous clinical trials as Botox, and consequently they do not have an FDA approval for use in humans. The typical use for generic Botox is injection in lab rats. In fact, there was a case in Florida in 2004 where an unlicensed individual injected himself with generic Botox which turned out to be 2,850 times stronger than a lethal dose.


A second and more difficult to spot method of marketing unsafe Botox is to sell the product in its undiluted form.  Physicians should only purchase authentic Botox manufactured by Allergan, its sole producer, and they should only opt for the diluted form of the neurotoxin. The reason for this is that the botulinum toxin is the most toxic substance known to man. In fact, just 100mg of the toxin can kill the entire human population. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) classifies the botulinum toxin as a Category A agent, meaning that it is powerful enough to be used as a biological weapon. It is easy to see how this product could put many lives in jeopardy if not diluted and used properly.


At  we sell authentic Botox produced by Allergan. We provide competitive rates because of our wholesale purchasing rather than trying to sell a product that is untested and unfit to be used in society. Ensure the health of your patients and the security of your practice by choosing to buy your cosmetic fillers and neurotoxins from the trusted name in the industry-MoSupplies