Juvederm Ultra 3 Plus XC

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Buy Juvederm Ultra 3 (PLUS XC) 2 x 1 ml online for $335!!

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  • Buy Juvederm Ultra 3 (PLUS XC) 2 x 1 ml online for $335!!


Buy Juvederm Ultra 3 (ULTRA PLUS XC) Online

Juvederm Ultra 3 (Ultra Plus XC) is a gel consisting of hyaluronic acid that can be injected into an area to naturally restore volume. Ordering Juvederm Ultra 3 online is known for smoothing away even the most stubborn wrinkles, making it the perfect cure for deep nasolabial folds.


The hyaluronic acid found in this cosmetic filler is a sugar, which is naturally produced by the human body, making it one of the most organic ways to fix imperfections. It is created artificially by fermenting streptococci bacteria. Juvederm Ultra 3 (Ultra Plus XC) acts in a number of ways to reach the results desired by patients- it helps retain water in the injected site, restores nutrients to the area, and helps in cushioning.


Juvederm Ultra 3 aids in reinvigorating a person’s complexion in a fairly pain-free manner. Every syringe (1 ml) contains lidocaine, which freezes the area affected, helping make the process as comfortable as possible. It takes approximately one milliliter (1 ml) of Juvederm Ultra 3 to significantly increase the volume in an individual’s nasolabial folds. Quantities vary for other procedures. However, all results last for up to one year, after which the body has broken down the hyaluronic acid to the extent that results are significantly reduced. Annual injections are required to maintain the achieved results.


It is safe for almost all individuals to buy Juvederm Ultra 3 but there are some exceptions. If a person shows an allergic or sensitive reaction to hyaluronic acid or lidocaine, this treatment is not recommended. In addition, if a person has a number of other allergies and has a history of anaphylaxis, buying Juvederm Ultra 3 may not be the most ideal product. This product should not be injected directly after a chemical peel, laser treatment, or other irritating skin treatment.


Some common side effects of Juvederm Ultra 3 treatments include pain, swelling, redness, and tenderness. These effects are mild and dissipate about two days after a skin treatment and a week after a lip treatment.


We recommend that all licensed medical professionals and organizations, such as physicians, surgeons, hospitals, and clinics buy Juvederm Ultra 3 (1 ml) online at wholesale prices from Medica Outlet. We sell authentic Juvederm Ultra 3 manufactured by Allergan meaning that the product is safe and reputable.



For more information on Juvederm Ultra 3 or any other products, please email info@medicaoutlet.com or call 1-888-552-7210.


*You cannot buy Juvederm Ultra 3 (ULTRA PLUS XC) online from MedicaOutlet.com without a valid Medical Professional License or Prescription

Additional Information

Juvederm Ultra 3 is a hyaluronic acid filler created by Allergan, the manufacturers of Botox. Hyaluronic acid is one of the main components of the extracellular matrix of a cell, meaning that it is ideal for restoring structure to the face. Juvederm Ultra 3 contains a more dense concentration of hyaluronic acid than Juvederm Ultra 2. This makes it perfect for treating glabellar lines. It can also be used to add slight volume to the lips.


Medica Outlet sells Juvederm Ultra 3 in packages containing two syringes pre-filled with 1mL of Juvederm Ultra 3. Other products similar to Juvederm Ultra 3 are Perlane, Teosyal, Belotero, and Restylane.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Allergan
Brand Juvederm
Strength 1 ml
Pack Size 2 pre-filled syringes

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